Two Tenure-Track Positions in Analytical Chemistry
Faculty of Science – Van 't Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences

The vacant positions are within the Analytical Chemistry Group of professors P.J. Schoenmakers and G.L. Corthals.

Theme description
The Analytical Chemistry Theme aims to develop new or greatly improved analytical techniques and methods, especially in the fields of separation science and applied mass spectrometry. Specific focus is on multi-dimensional separations and “hyphenated systems”, such as LC-MS. Application areas include synthetic polymers, proteins and other biomolecules, forensics, art science and food science. Data analysis and optimization are essential aspects of the research program. The group works closely together with colleagues from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) in a number of projects and in the Centre of Analytical Sciences Amsterdam (CASA).
The Analytical Chemistry theme will be strengthened with two bright and enthusiastic scientists with a demonstrated potential to perform world-class research and with a keen interest in education.
The group attracts competitive national and international public funding. Additionally, a significant fraction of scientific research in the theme takes place in the form of public-private-partnership (PPP) projects, often under the umbrella of the national COAST organization, which is based in Amsterdam.
The staff of HIMS takes responsibility for teaching a BSc program in chemistry, together with colleagues from the VUA, and they are involved in several other BSc programs. The analytical scientists from both UvA and VUA run a very successful MSc track in Analytical Sciences, which currently attracts more than 70 students annually. We expect the newly appointed scientists to start contributing to these programs in the academic year 2018-2019.

A. Analytical Chemometrics
This position will centre on chemometrics in conjunction with analytical measurements. Emphasis will be on optimization of analytical methods and on data-treatment strategies.
The scientist in this position will work closely with analytical scientists who perform experiments. (S)he is expected to build liaisons with experts in analysing large sets of data and with the striving artificial-intelligence community in Amsterdam.
Teaching assignments will include statistics and data handling for analytical scientists.

B. Analytical (Separation) Science
This position focusses on the development of new or greatly improved methods of analysis. The candidate should fit within the group’s infrastructure, which features many separation methods, including multi-dimensional and hyphenated systems, and mass spectrometers. Developments at the forefront of analytical science may be employed to address many relevant problems, including those encountered in art science and conservation, forensics and industry.
Teaching assignments may cover fundamental and applied aspects of analytical sciences, largely related to the research domain described above.