Review by Gerry Roskam and Bas van de Velde on Use of SFC for Chiral Analysis

Two MSc. graduates, Gerry Roskam and Bas van de Velde from the UvA-VU MSc Chemistry Track Analytical Sciences have published in LCGC Europe a review on Chiral SFC, its development and applications, which also made it to the cover of the journal.

Thanks to the latest advances in instrumentation, columns and detector hyphenations, supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) can become a more predominant approach in resolving analytical problems within various fields of application. With optimal features like high separation efficiency and flow rates, they place SFC as a competitive technique for enantioselective separations in addition to conventional (NP)LC, which nowadays remains the most widely used approach for chiral analysis.

The first part of the review article discusses the theoretical advantages, technological developments, and common practices in chiral SFC, followed by a second part in which applications including pharmaceutical, clinical research, forensic toxicology, and environmental sciences are discussed.

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