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education in analytical sciences

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CASA Group Texel 2015


Biomolecular Analysis/
Analytical Chemistry
Development of novel analytical methodologies for the characterization, discovery and trace analysis of biologically active compounds.


Systems Analytics
Solving questions in life sciences from a molecular perspective with an emphasis on proteome technology.


Mass Spectrometry
of Biomacro-molecules
Development of advanced and innovative, mass spectrometry-based proteomics-technology to study molecular microbiology and green life sciences.


Analytical Chemistry/
Forensic Science
Development of new or greatly improved techniques or methods for the analysis of complex mixtures.


Analytics of
Biomolecular Interactions
Development of mass spectrometric techniques in glycomics and glycoproteomics.

OUR Mission

It is the ambition of CASA to be among the best analytical-science institutes in the world, built on strengths in analytical separations, applied spectroscopy and mass spectrometry.

CASA strives for excellence in both research and education and for maximizing its qualitative and quantitative performance through optimizing synergy.

By creating CASA the groups involved combine strengths to exceed a critical mass of knowledge, forming the foundation for a world-class analytical-science institute.

CASA will create the best graduate (MSc) and post-graduate education programs in analytical sciences in Europe.

CASA and its partners will make joint plans and prepare joint proposals for research, education and infrastructure. 

OUR Vision

Amsterdam has been recognized as the national focal point for analytical sciences in The Netherlands. The Centre for Analytical Sciences Amsterdam (CASA) embodies this concentrated effort. CASA brings together the strong analytical-chemistry groups from the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam and other recognized experts in the field.

CASA stimulates research and investments in analytical sciences in Amsterdam and the dissemination of knowledge throughout the country.

The sixty COAST participants have expressed an urgent need for strengthening research and education in analytical sciences.