PhD Students

Noor Abdulhussain
Dorina Adamopoulou
Jordy van Angeren
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Karlijn Bezemer
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Pascal Breuer
Alan Garcia Cicourel
Gino Groeneveld
Marta Passamonti
Bob Pirok
Liana Roca
Bhagyashree Swarge
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Ewoud van Tricht
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Linli Zheng
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Iro Ventouri
Barbara Zietek

Drug metabolism is the main topic of our research. More specifically, we are interested in developing innovative high-resolution, sensitive and high-throughput platforms to screen and identify compounds inhibiting vital metabolising enzymes present in the human body, i.e. cytochrome P450. Such inhibitors can lead to dangerous drug-drug interactions. We use chromatographic separation to deal with complex mixtures (metabolic mixtures), and mass spectrometry for compounds structure elucidation. Parallel to mass spectrometry high resolution nanofractionation of analytes is the important part of the platform as it allows investigating biological (inhibitory) activities of analytes.

My project is a part of a project within ITN supported by MSCA. The project acronym is ARIADME, which stands for Analytical Research in absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, click on the link below!


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Contact details


Barbara Ziętek, MSc.
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems

Postal address
de Boelelaan 1085
1081 HV Amsterdam

Visiting address
de Boelelaan 1108
1081 HZ Amsterdam

telephone: +31 20 59 88140